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Playa La Caleta in Bataan - A Hidden white beach

The Playa La Caleta (A beach cove) is one of the well-known eco tourism resort in Bataan with a 100-hectare cove.  It is located in the municipality of Morong. A non crowded white sand beach awaits you, Bes!

The Island has a mountain lushes in the middle and 3 waterfalls from its back. You may also find an islet or 1 hectare mini island called "Miguelito" from the left side of the resort.

Miguelitos Island


We stayed in of their Air-conditioned beach room. To be honest, there's nothing special in the room. Just a good place lang to have a rest after a tiring day in the beach.

As you can see in the picture, It's just a small room with a floral design pillow and bed sheet. It can fit up to 3 persons just like we did. Sometimes the power is interrupted though they have a generator but its not enough to power up the whole resort.

For me, I highly I recommend to just avail their beach cottages or gazebos. It's more relaxing since you can hear the sounds of the waves from the ocean. You can even pitch a tent in the resort for more cheaper accomodation.

Activities in PLC

They offer outdoor activities like mountain biking, beach volleyball, badminton and kite flying. For a water sport activities, You might also try their kayaking, snorkeling and skimboaring or surfing in the beach.

What I love in PLC aside from its not yet crowded is their advocacy. A sustainable tourism through its monthly beach clean-up, eco brick program and banning on a single use of plastic. They also have a tree planting activity and conservation of marine turtle, giant clam and residents eagle.

Entrance fee for a
Day trip: 200/pax | Night trip: 300/pax

Picnic Tables (10 persons)
Day Trip 500 / table
Overnight7 50 / table

Gazebo (1-4 persons)
Day Trip: 1,500 / gazebo
Overnight: 2,000 / gazebo

Cottage (1-6 persons)
Day Trip: 2,000 / cottage
Overnight: 3,000 / cottage

Glamping Tents (1-4 persons) Air-conditioned;
Day Trip: 4000 Overnight: 5000
For Complete Rates: Playa La Caleta Rates

Commuting Guide to Playa La Caleta
From Cubao, you may ride a bus going to Balanga Bataan. From Balanga Bataan, You may ride a special van shuttle to La salle Bataan. From there, Just ride a boat going to Playa La Caleta. Bus (Cubao to Balanga) 218 + Shuttle (Balanga to La Salle) 150 + Boat (La Salle to PLC) 150 = 518

In our case, We tried a ferry ride from Mall of Asia through 1Bataan Integrated Transport going to Orion, Bataan. From Port in Orion, We just hire a van going to Bagac jump off point. From Bagac Jump off, Just ride a boat to Playa La Caleta for 1800 good for 12pax roundtrip. (Moa to Orion) 499 + (Orion to Bagac) 150 + Bagac jump off to PLC "boat ride" 1800/12pax.

Here's another detailed guide from PLC on how to get there: Commuting guide and Rates 

For Booking and Inquiries:
Head Office Landline: +632-86379148 / +632-86379147 (Telephone / Fax)
Globe: +63906-4335177 Smart: +63928-3773350


  1. Hi Bes! have you tried Las Casas de Acuzar? its somewhere in Bataan din, do you have tours going there? Thankie


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