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Playa La Caleta in Bataan - A Hidden white beach

The Playa La Caleta (A beach cove) is one of the well-known eco tourism resort in Bataan with a 100-hectare cove.  It is located in the municipality of Morong. A non crowded white sand beach awaits you, Bes! The Island has a mountain lushes in the middle and 3 waterfalls from its back. You may also find an islet or 1 hectare mini island called "Miguelito" from the left side of the resort. Miguelitos Island PLAYA LA CALETA ACCOMODATION We stayed in of their Air-conditioned beach room. To be honest, there's nothing special in the room. Just a good place lang to have a rest after a tiring day in the beach. As you can see in the picture, It's just a small room with a floral design pillow and bed sheet. It can fit up to 3 persons just like we did. Sometimes the power is interrupted though they have a generator but its not enough to power up the whole resort. For me, I highly I recommend to just avail their beach co

A Hidden Oasis in Pangasinan : Masamirey Cove Resort

In our recent travel in Pangasinan, We stayed in " Masamirey Cove Resort ". a hidden paradise located in the humble and small town in Sual. For me, It is one of the top destination resort hotel in Western Pangasinan because of the quality of accomodation/ villas they offer to their visitors or guest.  A balinese-inspired one with luxurious amenities inside for our conveniences. Why Masamirey Cove Resort is a must visit place in Pangasinan? Aside from its great amenities. They also offer alot of activities inside and out the resort. Hundred Islands Yes,  You can avail the tour inside the RESORT. Just several minutes away from the resort, An island hopping escapade awaits you with a private motored banca driven by Masamirey's local boatmen. Coastline Fishing Learn how to catch a fish by the help of managsigays or localfishermen of Masamirey. It's their way of living. Enjoy the bounties of the sea with a mea