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The Inflatable Island newest theme - Sanrio World

Sanrio Float Town: Waterpark Fun You Can’t Miss! 

✔️ Iconic SANRIO CHARACTERS including Kerokerokeroppi, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Gudetama and of course the WORLD FAMOUS celebrating her 45th anniversary with us, π‡πžπ₯π₯𝐨 𝐊𝐒𝐭𝐭𝐲!
✔️ 30 Gudetama Eggs
✔️ 17 Hello Kitty Floaties
✔️ Full beach transformation

Sanrio has driven us crazy with its super cute characters (and who doesn’t love the good ol’ Hello Kitty gang?) If we’re talking about kawaii then Sanrio is the perfect cast for the role!

Get ready as Sanrio Float Town is set to bring your childhood dreams to life! Yes! We’re talking about taking your beach experience higher than the next level! From the Inflatables to Sanrio merchandise, to the theme park’s signboards and lounges – Inflatable Island is up for a total makeover which is just exclusive for Sanrio friends! Characters include the classic Hello Kitty, the pretty My Melody, Kero-Keroppi, the Little Twin Stars and the super cute Gudetama! 

Whether you’re up to keeping your Instagram feed fresh or been wanting a day of fun (or even, both!) then Inflatable Island’s very own Sanrio Float Town is definitely the place for you! The bright and vivid colors are vibrant from the slides to the lounges near the coastline.

It’s a getaway from the urban jungle into over 44, 132 square feet of waterpark fun. Slide, swing, and bounce around the beach for a little bit of exercise and a lot of photos! Pave way as the BIGGEST GUDETAMA sets a perfect vacation in the Inflatable Island! And the Gudetama takeover doesn’t end there! Well, let’s say that things have blown way out of proportion (in the cutest way!) as a crazy number of Gudetama yolks will also sit in Inflatable Island.

Aside from the OG Swan floaty, you can now splash your feed with the ridiculously kawaii HELLO KITTY FLOATIES! With this perfect addition to the inflatable party, it’s definitely going to be a Sanrio madness like no other.

After playing on our inflatables, chill and listen to the crashing waves in our split color (Pink and Yellow- the most genius color combo ever!) Bali lounge just like My Melody and Hello Kitty inflatables who are having a pretty awesome time lounging at the Inflatable Island shore.

In Sanrio Float Town, you can go anywhere you want and it’s completely safe – life vests are a must and lifeguards are always at bay. We want you to feel safe, fun, and relaxed with a vibrant view and wherever you look you will be seeing Sanrio and the Hello Kitty craze to you wherever you go in our resort. Make sure to add this on your list travel bucket list! ALSO, there’s no age limit! From kids who want to have fun to millennials and grownups who wants to relive their childhood and post their socmed, the rainbow-colored inflatables and the bright pink and yellow Bali lounge is the perfect place to be!

Contact or book online and get reservations ahead of time. Inflatable Island’s recent popularity has brought in crowds from all over the country for the once in a lifetime experience. You don’t miss a chance to live in rainbow and kawaii!

Rates & Experience πŸ¦„
For as low as P688, eggs-perience the following:
🌈Whole Day Access to the Sanrio-filled BEACH!
🌈Whole Day Access to Floating Zoo and Hello Kitty Floaties
🌈Whole Day Access to Pink and Yellow Bali Lounge
🌈Two-Hour Play Pass to Sanrio Float Town and Inflatable + Unicorn Island (May upgrade to half day and whole day pass!)

πŸ“±0917-150-1103 πŸ“±0917-835-2665πŸ“±0917-175-4992

DON'T MISS OUT! Book now at


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