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One of the best Resort in Batangas - Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

Located in the Highlands of Lipa Batangas, Just a 2-3 hours from Manila, A resort with Panoramic and Alluring view of Taal Lake, The Shercon Resort and Ecology Park is really the best for family, couple or barkada getaway you can have.

It is rich and bounded by green stunning forest and superb facilities and excellent resort amenities. Shercon Resort Ecology Park is genuinely perfect for all occasions ​from Weddings, Social Events, Corporate functions, Meetings, Teambuilding and Parties.

Shercon Resort Amenities











If you're a pool lover, You will definitely love Shercon Resort and Ecology Park. As you can see, They have lots to offer from kiddie pool to adult with different and amazing styles that is picture perfect for your Instagram! As of now, They have 6 swimming pools and 11 pocket pools that can be used by public.



Actually, Its my 3rd time to stay at the Resort for an overnight. Each unit area is really different from one another. The one that I like most is their Forestville Cabin Accomodation since It can perfectly fit for Big Family and its also budget-wise accomodation. But if you have the capacity to go for a better one, I highly recommend to pick their Private Villas.


E N T R A N C E   F E E 

8AM - 5PM  

  ADULT                        Php 250.00   
  KIDS(4-7 years old)              Php 150.00   

( +cottage / tables / benches rental )

(Inquiries and reservation is through call only)

D A Y T O U R    C O T T A G E S

​ Kubo Single            
Kubo Twin                 Kubo Family                 
  Php  800.00                       Php 1,000.00                         Php 1,500.00                                     
  (+Entrance fee)                   (+Entrance fee)                   (+Entrance fee)            

You may check this link for Complete list of Daytour Cottages, Rooms for Overnight Stay with Pictures and Updated Price as of 2019:

From Cubao/Buendia, Take a bus bound to Lipa- Batangas and tell the driver to drop you at Tambo Exit - Jollibee.  Fare: Php 12.00 / From Tambo exit, Take a jeep bound to Mataas na Kahoy and droff of at 7/11 Mataas na kahoy. Fare: Php 9.00 / From 7/11, You may take a tricycle going to the resort. Fare 20/pax. 

Address: ​Brgy. San Sebastian, Mataas Na Kahoy, Batangas

     (Office hours : 7AM - 7PM)
     Email address :

Contact Numbers:      (0917) 506 1204         (0922) 838 5293         (0939) 904 7130         (043)  774-9439          (043) 703-0002

(Inquiries and reservation is through call only)


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