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3rd year Anniversary-The Seashore Beach Club’s New Beginnings and Progress

3rd year Anniversary-The Seashore Beach Club’s New Beginnings and Progress

I was fortunate enough to be part of the fruitful 3rd year anniversary celebration and ribbon cutting of The Seashore Beach Club along with the Member, Guest, Sellers and Brokers. The program mostly focused on the swift progress of the resort, updates and new beginnings which I’m so excited to share with you, but, before discussing it all let me just give you a brief background of the beach club.

The Seashore Beach Club, Inc.

A membership resort conceptualized by the President and owner Mr. Arnel S. Mindanao. The Seashore is a 2.5 hectare property having a portion of modern and functional club house and all the facilities including infinity pool, cabanas and rooms to accommodate guests and members. Aside from that, it has a 4,200 square meters beach front with Aqua Play Parks (Inflatable Parks) perfect for travellers seeking adventure. Located at Barangay Calubcub, San Juan, Batangas Province just 3 hours drive away from Manila.

New Beginnings:

Along with the 3rd year anniversary celebration of The Seashore Beach Club was the announcement of their partnership with the near El Jardin de Zadia event place---a class and perfect venue for any type of celebrations. The partnership aims members and guests be provided with quality services and be offered with variety of experience for long lasting memories. Before attending events in El Jardin it would be great first to experience a fun-filled adventure at The Seashore Beach Club, I assure you that it would be a great decision. The two was perfectly paired to cater people’s needs, unforgettable experience and lastly to give satisfying quality service.

As I’ve said we experienced the Aqua Play Park (Inflatable Park) and braved going through challenging obstacle course that reminds me of a reality game called “American Ninja Warrior”, I used to watch it in television and I’m imagining myself in it because of it’s somehow similar set-up.

The only difference is that it’s made of Inflatables and it’s in a sea. And after trying it I can say its energy depleting and tough, however, fulfilling as I finished one phase to another like in the game that you’re near for victory.

Speaking of, part of the anniversary event was the announcement of Aqua Challenge Series to be launched on July 2019 and they will call it as the “Philippine Ninja Warriors”. It will be a month-long group competition measuring the strength and agility and group work of the aspiring competitors. Isn’t that what I foresee the Inflatable is? Amazing! And what’s fascinating about it is I’ve witness how great Ninja Warriors are in television and how strenuous the competition is for competitors just to win the title, that’s why I’m really excited for it!!! For further info regarding the contest wait for their announcement and instructions.

The Seashore Club House with Infinity pool on the side

Going back to progress, there are numerous progress the resort is bragging and I’m going to discuss to you some---the Seashore built a mini club house with a marvellously designed infinity pool on the side, modern cabanas for accommodation facing breathtaking pool and progressively building more quality facilities. And great enough that we’re given the opportunity to experience it and rove around the beach club.

By the time of our visit, we saw numbers of infrastructures of the beach club facilities one having an infinity pool facing the beach. And another is the construction of their Coffee Shop and Fine Dining Restaurant. That’s not yet for I observed there are more establishment construction. Great right? They are providing the needs for people to enjoy, relax and be filled with happiness.

The main reason why guests we’re delighted and decided to be a member on the spot because they see rapid improvement and great potential.

How To Get There:
Via Private Car:
From Manila, take South Luzon Expressway then at the end enter Star Tollway. Exit at Ibaan/San Jose. Right after paying at the tollgate, follow the sign to Ibaan (turn left).When you see the sign “alternate route to Lipa”, turn left into that narrow road and at the end turn right. You will see Petron gas station on your left and a yellow outpost from there turn Left/Keep going through Rosario and on to San Juan Municipal Hall. Turn right at that corner. You will see many resort signs. This is the road to Laiya. And look for the sign leading to The Seashore Beach Club.

Via Public Transportation:
Ride a bus bound for San Juan, Batangas.
Alight at San Juan Municipal Hall and ride a tricycle to Barangay Calubcub or     directly to Seashore Beach Club.

To know more of the latest updates:
Click their website
Visit their Alabang Office Address:
Unit 1203 Entrata Urban Place, BLock 32, Civic Drive cor. Corporate Ave.,     Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Landline number: (+632) 541 6120


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