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The Seashore Beach Club Batangas

We all know that San Juan, Batangas is known to have many beach islands/resorts in the Philippines. But that's simply not the case, There's really more to it. The Seashore Beach club added some spice for you to enjoy the best of the best in Batangas from Pool, Island and Beach Resort. 

From Manila, We traveled for 4 hours going to the resort which is strategically located in the Pristine Beach in San Juan, Batangas. It is a newly built membership club resort so expect that it is only exclusive for members of the said club. We're just lucky to be invited by Sir Arnel Mindanao, The president and owner of The Seashore Beach Club. 

There's an ongoing construction in the resort but some of the major facilities like the infinity pool, Club houses, Aqua Play Parks - Inflatable Adventure, Cabanas etc is now ready to enjoy by the members of the club. Interested visitors are very much welcome to see the beauty and soon to be the number one membership club resort in Batangas.


Club Membership
The beach club strictly only allows members. However, their membership opens a lot of perks when you join! Not only you get access to the facilities but members may also get 10% to 25% discount as well. This includes the water sports, spa, souvenir shops, restaurants, etc. You may get a share of the 30% of the profit from the club’s annual net income will be divided to all the members.What a great investment right? Membership is also lifetime and saleable. Members may also get a 20% commission for Referral and lots more. Membership can also be inherited once it is approved by the management. Also, the membership will get you to have the privileges and services in all resort locations.
The Seashore Beach Club Water Sports




Yes, Almost all the well-known water activities will be available here in the beach club soon. I hope by that time,We become already a member because there's a big plan to put the beach club in different areas in our country like Coron, Romblon, Boracay, Bantayan Island Cebu and many more. Well, There's really a lot of thing to look forward a The seashore beachclub grows. In it's current and present status, they have three (3) Major attraction in the resort to experience.

1. Chopper Business Ride - Smart Sky Travel
2. Infinity Pool in the Clubhouse
3. Inflatable Park - Aqua Play Parks

Smart Sky Travel - One of the business partners by the seashore beach club. You will get a free chopper ride if you sign up, invest and became a member of the club. By the way, This a non-exclusive to member. You can enjoy the ride even if your'e just a visitor. Rates are available on their website.


Clubhouse and Infinity Pool - A cozy american-inspired clubhouse that is extremely fresh, clean and ultimately relaxing. Maybe the best place inside the seashore beach club to take away your stress and frustrations. You just have take a dip in the pool or just sit and relax on those reclining chairs which is really perfect for you sunbathing ritual.


Inflatable Water Park - The newest and main attraction in The Seashore Beach Club. This is the right and perfect activity for us thrillseekers. They have two giant slides and trampoline in the elegant facility of the resort. I tried all the slides and obstacles course and I must say, "It was totally fun and thrilling". My favorite is the 40 feet high slide that gave me a legit adreline-rush in my body. lol But to be honest, Its really hard to climb up on the platform because It get slippery. Much better to bring and wear your aqua shoe during the entire time in the inflatable water park.

All Photo credits to: RIZANOIA

Php 500 For the usage of Inflatable adventure park only
Php 888 Inflatable Adventure Park with use of kayak, pool and with lunch
Php 1488 - Unlimited rides or use of Inflatable Park with use of Kayak, Pool and with Lunch

Getting to The Seashore Beach Club
For Private Vehicle, Look at the bottom part of this page. (CLICK HERE)

Contact Details:
San Juan Office - 09975305203     /    09292204821
Alabang Office - 09562384632   /     09292204783


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