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The first and the newest interactive millennial museum in Manila - Lakbay Museo

Lets travel through time and space! Experience, Preserve and educate with the 11 regions in our country without leaving Manila. Yes, This newest attraction in Manila allows you to travel, experience and take IG-worthy photos from all over the Philippines without leaving Manila!

LAKBAY MUSEO by the Millennial Concept Factory Inc. is the combination of Philippine Attractions, Regional livelihood, Culinary Experience and Philippines Colorful Festivals with a twist. A 14 unique experiences o f 11 destinations is waiting for you!

For just a day tour, You will get to travel from Batanes to Jolo and  strike a pose in the country's best destination. People can venture various Philippine regional attraction in one tour.

Well, Filipino Millennials are techy-savvy and are exposed to various cultures because of the social media. It is really important that they discover a place where they can appreciate and learn their own culture and tradition. Remember to not #Doitforthegram but also learn from your roots and appreciate the richness and diversity of the people. A truly collage experience from our country, Philippines.

Philippine culture is incomplete without food. Lakbay museo introduces 400 regional dishes. A great example are synthetic/immortal adobo, tinola and sinigang. And if there's one thing that Filipino love, Its a sawsawan or dips. You will see a lot and taste a different levels of sourness from regional variations of suka offered right at the Lakbay Museo.

Lakbay Museo will take you on an expedition not only through seeing the country, Your senses will have feast. Get ready to smell, hear, feel and taste the Philippines and its culture. Museum collection feature a variety of aroma-filled Philippine heritage.

A coffee collection coming from across the country teases with its rich flavorful smell. Dried fish and tuyo brings about the smoky smell that reminds the mouth of its crispy and salty flavor. Its really true that our country is known for  distinctly powerful taste and odor food but the flavors are more than worth the peculiar experience.

Experience the food that will surely captures one heart. Different regions, provinces, food and different variations of dishes that characterize the Filipino taste. Remember, You are what you eat and truly Philippine cuisine embodies the country's Identity.

Listen to the music! Festivities are felt in Lakbay Museo as it keeps the joyful Filipino spirit alive through a glimpse into Pinoy Festivals and celebrations. A celebration of life and its occasion. You will see the wide array of life and vivid color showcasing Philippine creativity and also hear its culture. Festivals are a display of the peoples music crafted by locals and special to its geographic location.

Lakbay Museo is located at S Maison in Conrad Manila at the Mall of Asia complex. It was built on the foundation of environment conservation. Almost all the exhibits were constructed using old used rubber slippers and scrapped materials. Old tires, car mats and a lot variety of recycle materials. What I love in Lakbay museo, aside from being an eco friendly themed park,  I also heard that they provides job opportunities to out of school youths, non professional, local artist, disabled persons abd senior citizen. A really great job for Lakbay Museo!

Now, See the Philippines in one Gallery! History can be fun, colorful and Instagramble. A perfect place for people delve into the roots of Filipino Identity. Lets nurture patriotism in the next generation. Call your family and friends and book your next adventure at Lakbay Museo.

Guide Map & Rates:

For inquiries: 838-79-27 or 09171754992
Check out their website:


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