I almost give up on my dreams but..

When I think of my dreams or ambition, I always do glance at it in a bad and defeatist way like "Gosh, ang layo layo ko pa sa pangarap ko." Should I just give up? Does it really worth pursuing? Am I wasting my time? Gosh, lot of negative thoughts coming into my mind especially when I am facing obstacles and difficulty in life. But hey, I realized that achieving goals doesn't happen overnight. We should never let those negative circumstances limit how far our dreams will go. Achieving one's goals is really a continous endless solid fighting against problems & failures. It is a fight that you cant or you will never win if you fall for you negative thinking during hard situations in life. 

Here are the factors that made me think or realize that "Difficulties we face in our lives are normal, Its actually an ingredient to success." Remember Kelly Clarkson music? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger bes. Don't let your dreams be killed, Fight for it! Just focus on how far you've come rather than how far you have left to go.

1.) I surround myself with people who shares the same passion, dreams and goals! Yes, I'm talking about our group "Jeepsetters Ph". It is a group of Filipino travel bloggers and influencers aiming to promote Philippine travel and food destinations. I'm really thankful and blessed to be surrounded by these great people. They are my mentors and Idols from creating a good and quality content. A big big shout for them, Love you guys. I'ts always full of fun and learning to be with you all. Cheers to more travel and walwalan moments while doing our passion.


2.) Opportunities and Invites. Even though I'm kinda newbie in this Industry, I received a lots of invitation from cafe, restaurant and resorts now. I also get extra income or blessings given to me by them. Feeling deep down that they are believing me and what can I do is a very powerful drive that motivates me to keep going for my dreams. 

Opening of Passenger seat in Marikina with Jeepsettersph
 and Honorable Mayor Marcy 

3.) Keeping my body healthy thru @ultima_vitamins. I do believe that we badly need a healthy body for our mind to function in an optimum level. I mean, thats really a fact. A healthy body always linked to a healthy mind. Those negative thoughts of giving up will be fade away or little by little will be gone. Since our mind is functioning well, We think that we can achieve our dreams and our body felt like "hey, I have the energy to do it all" so you will be keep going and chasing your dreams.

4.) Readers and followers. Some of them are messaging me or my page that they are very thankful because they find an idea where to go, where to eat on a budget. This one really touches my heart since I felt like, I was able to help them by doing what I like and I what I love.It is always nice to follow your heart while helping others in your own little way. 

 Tapatan ni Tunying with Bes for their summer episode
Tapatan ni Tunying with Bes for their summer episode

5.) Believe in him, our creator and his plans for you. We really have to trust his process! Always remind yourself that everything happens for a reason, A reason that is given by him because he believes on us. He believes that we are overcomer and we can do it all through him. All of the struggles and problems are just part of our daily lives. 

We only have one life. Why not live it pursuing the things you love, your goals and your dreams? You just have to believe and tell yourself that you can do it. Keep trying to become the best version of you. Be the ultimate you, Bes!


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