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I almost give up on my dreams but..

When I think of my dreams or ambition, I always do glance at it in a bad and defeatist way like "Gosh, ang layo layo ko pa sa pangarap ko." Should I just give up? Does it really worth pursuing? Am I wasting my time? Gosh, lot of negative thoughts coming into my mind especially when I am facing obstacles and difficulty in life. But hey, I realized that achieving goals doesn't happen overnight. We should never let those negative circumstances limit how far  our dreams will go. Achieving one's goals is really a continous endless solid fighting against problems & failures. It is a fight that you cant or you will never win if you fall for you negative thinking during hard situations in life.  Here are the factors that made me think or realize that "Difficulties we face in our lives are normal, Its actually an ingredient to success." Remember Kelly Clarkson music? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger bes. Don't let your dreams be kill

Aqua Play Parks - Your next waterfun adventure

Aqua Play Parks - Your next waterfun adventure Have you heard the news? Something Big is coming in Batangas. But wait, Its not only limited to that particular area. From what I hear, they will be invading more provinces and cities in our lovely country with their thrill, fun and exciting floating park, The Aqua Play Parks . Such a terrific, good tiding news for us, thrill seekers. Right? :) Who else is interested and excited for it? By just hearing about the openings in different areas in our country makes me wanted to try it out instantly. Can you feel me? The fun, excitement and extreme adventures is waving on us. Anyway, allow me to give you some background about the biggest and grandest water activity that will soon be floating in different areas in our country, the Aqua Play Parks. What is Inflatable Water Park?  These park are specially built water proof obstacle pieces that can all be connected and rearrange to form a race track or running track while