Pradera Verde in Pampanga

Pradera Verde (Staycation, Golf and Wakeboarding)

Looking for a Quick Getaway near Manila? You might consider Pradera Verde after reading this! It is located in Lubao, Pampanga which is 1.5-2 hours drive away from Manila via NLEX. This is a perfect place whether you are in for extreme activities or you just just want to escape or breathe from a busy and toxic city life.


We arrived at Pradera Verde around 4pm in the afternoon. Since it was a bit late, We decided that we will just do the activities early morning by tomorrow. We stayed in their Deluxe Room - Triple.

The rooms is quite spacious, I mean it is really huge for a 3 person to stay there. It has a small fridge, water heater, television, telephone and a very fast wifi-connection. It also has a complimentary bottled water drinks, coffee, tea & toiletries.

Pradera Verde is a very huge park, Going to one place to another is quite tiring. Getting  a room or villa, You are entitled to have a bike during your stay. What if you don't know how to use a bike? You may ride their golf carts to take you around Pradera. You just have to call the front office to pick you up and your group in your room. Front office and other important numbers are provided in the table between the bed.

Jane and Jerny from The Jerny travel and Inspiration, Riza of Rizanoia, Me wearing black rash guard and Michael of Footlocker wanderer. (Left to right)

GOLF - A fiirst timer thought

To be honest, I don't have much interest in this kind of sport since I find it so expensive and boring! But hey, I was wrong. Playing golf for the first time is really enjoyable though its very hard-to start. Your'e thinking that you might not hit the ball right & perfectly and that's what happened to me. It really takes a lot of practice and effort to hit that freaking ball. You also need to know some proper posture, timing, etc. Thank God, Pradera Verde Staffs & other players are willing to teach and guide you. Proper listening to your (Instant)-coaches is the key! Stay focused and just enjoy playing.


This is the main reason why I visited Pradera Verde. I really wanted to try their wakeboarding. And yes, just like the golf thing, this is my first time to try this sport. See? Two of my first time was done here! It really goes to show that Pradera Verde is a must visit place and I am telling you, You will keep going here for sure.

Back to the sports, though its my first time to see and try it in actual, I must say that the park is fully equipped. Everything you need from helmets, vest and board is here.


Divided in to two parts, the beginners area and the pro one. We only tried the beginners area, Of course. Had a hard time standing or balancing in a small board while being pulled away! Tried it many times, but I failed. Staffs from Pradera are keep on teaching us but still, I don't even make it to middle. Its quite frustrating to see your friends doing well, knowing that this is also their first time.

My gosh I'm at the bottom haha but I really had fun! To sum things up, This sport is really hard to master but it will you the feeling of "keep going" and "Keep trying". Maybe its not meant for me that day but I willing to do it again for many times, for sure.

Over all, for a first timer, It was such a great fun filled experience. I do also wanted to commend the only restaurant inside, "The view-deck".

Flatlay Gaming for a feast for the eyes!
From the name itself, you'll definitely enjoy the view. You will see a lot of pro wake-boarders here enjoying their ride, creating a show for yours eyes. So dining at the view-deck will make your tummy and eyes full! Such a 2 in 1 package. Menu is perfect and has a variety of options in a very reasonable price. Staffs are friendly and accommodating

Sliced Pork with Small Potatoes.


Avocado Shake is a must try! Just take a look at this. :)

You'll definitely enjoy your stay at Pradera Verde if you dine-in in their restaurant! By the way, There's a playground beside the restaurant, Your kids will surely love to stay there.


Cable Rates
Php 250 / 1 hour
Php 475 / 2 hours
Php 595 / 4 hours
Php 1000 / 8 hours
*(Inclusive of Helmet, Vest and Slip-Ons)

Golf Package
Duplex Suite for 2pax - Php 4,500
2 Bedroom Villa for 5pax - Php 12,000
*Includes Green fee and Accomodation.

Duplex Suite for 3 persons
Room with Breakfast Php 4,500
Room with Whole day ride Php 5,000
Room with Half day ride and Breakfast Php 6,000

For complete list of rates, Visit:

Commuting Guide
From Cubao, Just ride a bus (Genesis) going to Lubao, Pampanga and Tell the driver to drop you off at Pradera Verde. From the gate, A shuttle or golf cart will fetch you going to the front office.


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