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Pradera Verde in Pampanga

Pradera Verde (Staycation, Golf and Wakeboarding)

Looking for a Quick Getaway near Manila? You might consider Pradera Verde after reading this! It is located in Lubao, Pampanga which is 1.5-2 hours drive away from Manila via NLEX. This is a perfect place whether you are in for extreme activities or you just just want to escape or breathe from a busy and toxic city life.

We arrived at Pradera Verde around 4pm in the afternoon. Since it was a bit late, We decided that we will just do the activities early morning by tomorrow. We stayed in their Deluxe Room - Triple.

The rooms is quite spacious, I mean it is really huge for a 3 person to stay there. It has a small fridge, water heater, television, telephone and a very fast wifi-connection. It also has a complimentary bottled water drinks, coffee, tea & toiletries.

Pradera Verde is a very huge park, Going to one place to another is quite tiring. Getting  a room or villa, You are entitled to have a bike during your stay. What …