Villa Elma - A place never to forget

Lucban, A municipality in Quezon Province located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw is famous for Its "Pahiyas Festival" and so-called "Longganisang Lucban." but did you know that there's a Nature park in the field which perfectly fits for contemplating that will provide you rest and give you peace.

Villa Elma Nature Park

A mediation and a prayer site. It offers an opportunity to experience mountain and its many wonders.  Originally, It was built as a private rest house in 1992 as an expression of One Man's love for his family, friends and human spirit. It is his escape from the daily struggles of life into a world of wonder and imagination. After decades of secluded privacy, Last june 2016, Villa Elma is now open to the public.

One thing that I really liked in Villa Elma, Just upon entering, you will already feel the warm and welcoming ambiance as well as the the deep sense of peace and privacy. Backgrounded by the misty mystique of Mt. Banahaw.

Enjoying the river/batis with our fellow bloggers!  (Rizanoia, Footlocker Wanderer and The Jerny travel and Inspiration)

We stayed at their room called "LOG CABIN". If you will ask me to describe our whole night stay in the room in just one word, I would say it was an "Enchanting" one. Its picturesque display of peaceful religious and romantic delightsI'm really impressed by the designs and interior of the room. Below are the photos of their LOG CABIN, Ill just let the pictures do the talking since words don't do justice just how much I've fallen in-love with their rooms! :)


Maintaining a two-decade facility is really hard. You may notice that some part in Villa Elma needs an improvement and I think, they are fully aware of that. That's why they keep on telling people that they are "Just a Bed and breakfast" but for me, It's way more than that! I'm just happy and thankful to Elma Family that they open their doors to the public. Even though its old, You will surely fell for its enchanting beauty and charm. To sum things up, We really had a great stay in Villa Elma. I will never forget this place.

Daytour Rates/ Entrance Fee
Adults: Php 100               Kids: Php 50

Tips and Kineso
-There's a restaurant inside Villa Elma which is Elsa Cafe. The menu is very limited so I suggests to bring your own food.  Don't worry, Its free of charge.
-Expect a lot of walking. Exploring Villa Elma is quiet tiring but definitely worth it!
-Always bring your water to keep you hydrated during the tour.
-Picnic huts and tables are free. But please, clean as you go. Practice Leave No Trace Principle.

How to get there?
From Buendia, ride a bus going to Calamba and tell the driver to drop you off at SM Calamba. From SM, take a van going to Lucban. Once you reached the town of Lucban or the City proper, You may hire a tricyle going to Villa Elma.

For inquiries and Reservation
TELEPHONE NUMBER: +639770496186 +639298388496
PHYSICAL ADDRESS: A. Mabini Street, Brgy. Palola, Lucban, Quezon Province Philippines


  1. Congrats on your first official blog post bes! The views in Villa Elma is quite breathtaking. Ganda :)

  2. ❤️❤️❤️ congrats on your first official blog post! πŸ‘


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