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Daytrip to Cabongaoan Beach, Pangasinan

Working 6 days in a week and having just a single day off is quite stress-full. Maybe were on the same boat thinking of how can we maximize our one day off and do something that will take our stress away.

Thank God, Travel is always there. Traveling is always the answer. lol Perhaps your'e thinking now. "Is it really possible to travel for just a single day?" "Are you going to enjoy that?" Well for me, Its a big big yes! Tried and tested. Ever since, I'm really fan of joining a tour- Especially a day trip because I do only have a limited time. Well, A budget too! 

Traveling from Manila to Pangasinan is fairly expensive, Especially when you're traveling solo. The best option is to join a tour to cut the expenses. Can you imagine, For just 999 pesos or 20 Dollars, I was able to go the beach,  had fun and made new friends.

PS: Luckily, Was able to convince some of my friends to join with me

Here we go, Allow me to take you in our joiner tour trip last 2017 in Cabongaoan Beach in Pangasinan or also known as Death pool for a single day.

We reached the Cabongaoan beach after 6hrs of land travel from Manila. We just put our things on our designated cottage and Immediately explore its hidden beauty.

Since this our first time in Burgos, Were all curious about the famous death pool here. It took us a 10 minutes walk to reached the death pool from our cottage designated cottage.

As expected, There's a lot of tourist in this spot. hahaha I cant even put my feet in the water on death pool. We just look at it and decided to explore some other areas.

Small version of death pool. It looks like your'e in a spa or I must say, A group spa. hahahha

Exploring Cabo beach gives me a "WOW" reaction. I didn't expect that there's a lot of beautiful rock formation here and the beach itself is really good. Not as fine as Boracay but it has its own charm.

This one is my favorite, Looks like a laughing queen. <3

The sun is getting hotter that's why we decided to go back on our cottage and have our lunch then. 

To sum things up, We stayed at Cabongaoan beach for a limited time or just 10 hours to be exact. Since were on a tour, We have to follow the itineraries given by the organizer. Even though our stay was short, We had fun exploring its natural and hidden beauty. Ill just let this bonus pictures do the talking on "why you should visit this place.

How to get there?
From cubao, Just ride a bus going to Alaminos or Bolinao and get off at Alaminos bus station. From there, Look for the bus en-route to Sta.cruz, Zambales and get off at Burgos, Pangasinan. From Burgos, You may hire a tricycle going to Cabongaoan beach.

Cubao to Alaminos = Php 400 or 8 Dollars
Alaminos to Burgos = Php 50 or 1 Dollar
Burgos to Cabongaoan Beach = Php 300-400 or 6 to 8 Dollars

Travel tips, Facts and Kineso:
- It’s better if you’d get the contact number of your tricycle driver to fetch you later.
-Go on a group! The bigger the group, the lesser the cost.
-For a hassle-free travel, just “Join a tour”. 
-If you have a lot of time, Go for an overnight stay. You may pitch your tent in the beach for free.
-Buy all the supplies you need from burgos market.
 Leave no trace. 


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