Aqua Play Parks - Your next waterfun adventure

Aqua Play Parks - Your next waterfun adventure

Have you heard the news? Something Big is coming in Batangas. But wait, Its not only limited to that particular area. From what I hear, they will be invading more provinces and cities in our lovely country with their thrill, fun and exciting floating park, The Aqua Play Parks. Such a terrific, good tiding news for us, thrill seekers. Right? :)

Who else is interested and excited for it? By just hearing about the openings in different areas in our country makes me wanted to try it out instantly. Can you feel me? The fun, excitement and extreme adventures is waving on us. Anyway, allow me to give you some background about the biggest and grandest water activity that will soon be floating in different areas in our country, the Aqua Play Parks.

What is Inflatable Water Park?  These park are specially built water proof obstacle pieces that can all be connected and rearrange to form a race track or running track while floating on the water surfa…

Pradera Verde in Pampanga

Pradera Verde (Staycation, Golf and Wakeboarding)

Looking for a Quick Getaway near Manila? You might consider Pradera Verde after reading this! It is located in Lubao, Pampanga which is 1.5-2 hours drive away from Manila via NLEX. This is a perfect place whether you are in for extreme activities or you just just want to escape or breathe from a busy and toxic city life.

We arrived at Pradera Verde around 4pm in the afternoon. Since it was a bit late, We decided that we will just do the activities early morning by tomorrow. We stayed in their Deluxe Room - Triple.

The rooms is quite spacious, I mean it is really huge for a 3 person to stay there. It has a small fridge, water heater, television, telephone and a very fast wifi-connection. It also has a complimentary bottled water drinks, coffee, tea & toiletries.

Pradera Verde is a very huge park, Going to one place to another is quite tiring. Getting  a room or villa, You are entitled to have a bike during your stay. What …

Daytrip to Cabongaoan Beach, Pangasinan

Working 6 days in a week and having just a single day off is quite stress-full. Maybe were on the same boat thinking of how can we maximize our one day off and do something that will take our stress away.

Thank God, Travel is always there. Traveling is always the answer. lol Perhaps your'e thinking now. "Is it really possible to travel for just a single day?" "Are you going to enjoy that?" Well for me, Its a big big yes! Tried and tested. Ever since, I'm really fan of joining a tour- Especially a day trip because I do only have a limited time. Well, A budget too! 
Traveling from Manila to Pangasinan is fairly expensive, Especially when you're traveling solo. The best option is to join a tour to cut the expenses. Can you imagine, For just 999 pesos or 20 Dollars, I was able to go the beach,  had fun and made new friends.
PS: Luckily, Was able to convince some of my friends to join with me
Here we go, Allow me to take you in our joiner tour trip last 2017…