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Baluarte de San Diego in Intramuros

Baluarte de San Diego in Intramuros is the oldest stone fort in Manila. Design and built by Jesuit Priest namely Antonio Sedeno from 1586 to 1587.

It was called Nuestra SeƱora De Guia renovated in 1593 to join the walls of the city. Fell in disrepair and in 1644 construction began for new baluarte which was completed between 1653 and 1663. Resembling an ace of spades, Its housed a foundry during the 18th century.

Baluarte was breached by British forces with canon fire in 1762. Restored and strengthened the British occupation but was damaged during the earthquake in 1863.

It was then condemned by the Spaniards. It was totally destroyed during the battle of Manila in 1945 or the World war II. Restoration done from 1979-1992 and now a major tourist attraction in the walled city - Intramuros.

Allow me to show you some good spots inside the Baluarte de San Diego.

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